Wakelet Community Week

Wakelet Community week akan menjadi selebrasi atau perayaan untuk semua hal menakjubkan dan menginspirasi tentang Wakelet.
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Apa sih Community Week?

Wakelet Community week akan menjadi selebrasi atau perayaan untuk semua hal menakjubkan dan menginspirasi yang dilakukan oleh para pendidik lakukan setiap hari, yang menjadi bagian komunitas Wakelet. Ini akan menjadi sebuah agenda yang penuh dengan webinar, narasumber spesial, kompetisi yang menarik, dan pengumuman fitur-fitur baru Wakelet.

Ingat! Jika Anda ingin mendaftar pada acara ini, silakan cermati informasi di masing-masing flyer. Pastikan Anda bisa bergabung pada acara tersebut! Jangan mendaftarkan diri jika Anda telah memiliki agenda lain.

Wakelet Community Week

Catatan! Cek pula informasi di bawah gambar untuk mengetahui waktu agenda dalam waktu Indonesia.

Day 1 Monday, June 01

Kick off Community Week with Wakelet Live - we’ll be sharing our best moments of the last year, announcing some awesome new updates and features, and celebrating the thing that makes Wakelet so special - YOU!

Day 2 Tuesday, June 02

How Students use Wakelet


Tisha Poncio, Deb Zeman and SWAT Team

Find out how students from a school in Texas are using Wakelet in so many different ways! This session is extra special as we’ve invited the students to speak, so you’ll hear about their experiences firsthand!

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MAIN STAGE: The Art of AppSmashing!


Kathi Kersznowski and Seth Fewell

AppSmashing - the art of taking two or more educational tools, and using them together to achieve amazing learning outcomes. Join the Queen of AppSmashing, Kathi Kersznowski, and the amazing Seth Fewell as they take you through some of their favourite EdTech combos!

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Collaborate with Wakelet


Anna Dyagileva and Tisha Poncio

Join Anna and Tish as they show you how to use Wakelet’s collaboration feature to supercharge engagement and teamwork in their learning communities! If you’re a newbie, or just looking for ways to help your students work better as teams - this one’s for you!

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Day 3 Wednesday, June 03

How school leaders use Wakelet

Mariah Rackley

Join Principal Mariah Rackley to hear how her school is using Wakelet to improve communication and engagement for students, teachers, and the wider school community!

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How to Use Wakelet in the Classroom!


Joe Merrill, Kristin Merrill and Brandi Reams

Joe, Kristin and Brandi will be showcasing all the exciting ways you can use Wakelet in your classrooms and learning communities! This is the perfect session for you to get some great ideas on how you can start using Wakelet in the next school year.

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MAIN STAGE: Connecting the Community: Race & Culture - Where we are, and where we should be going

Ken Shelton

Join TedX Speaker and Equity Specialist Ken Shelton for a “town hall” type discussion about the challenges we face around inequality, social justice and systemic racism.

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Wake Up! Top 10 Ways to Boost Productivity and Creativity With Wakelet


Amy Storer, Kristina Holzweiss, Brad Dale and Leticia Citizen

Wakelet can be used in SO many different ways. Join this innovative panel of rockstar educators as they share their favourite ways of using Wakelet to boost productivity and creativity inside and outside the classroom!

Day 4 Thursday, June 04

Wakelet in the Library!


Deb Zeman, Kristina Holzweiss, Sherry Gick and Shannon Miller

Deb, Kristina, Sherry and Shannon will be showing you how they’ve been using Wakelet to create memorable and fun learning experiences for students in the library. This session is perfect if you want to discover some unique and creative ways to use Wakelet with your students - even if you don’t work in a library setting!

Using Wakelet as a Tech Coach!


Manny Curiel and Jenallee

The awesome Manny and the fabulous team Jenallee will be showcasing how useful Wakelet can be for tech coaches, integrators and instructors. Learn how to share resources better, improve communication, and really impact the educators in your learning community!


Matt Miller

Matt Miller from DitchThatTexbook throws tradition out of the window in this groundbreaking session - showing YOU how to use technology in powerful and effective new ways! Discover some amazing new ideas, tips and techniques from one of the most innovative minds in education!

Microsoft & Wakelet - Better Together!


Mike Tholfsen and Becky Keene

Mike and Becky take you through some of the powerful integrations between Wakelet and the Microsoft suite of tools. Discover ways to combine Wakelet with Teams, OneNote, OneDrive and more achieve better and more effective workflows for you and your learning community!

Day 5 Friday, June 05

MAIN STAGE: Working as a Team to Win the Game!

Rio Ferdinand

Rio Ferdinand is a retired British Soccer player, and is now a television personality/pundit for BT Sport. He played most of his career at Manchester United, and represented England 81 times. Widely regarded as one of England's greatest athletes, we’ll be talking to him about the power of teamwork, and how to work effectively with your colleagues to win the game!

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MAIN STAGE: The Power of an Infused Classroom

Holly Clark

Holly Clark guides you through the concept of “The Infused Classroom”! She’ll be showing you how to combine educational tools, learning techniques, and powerful lesson plans - helping you take your teaching to the next level!

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Happy Hour! Fun ways to Use Wakelet Outside the Classroom!


Randall Sampson, Karyn Fillhart and Karalee Nakatsuka

We end Community Week with the funnest session around! Join the power squad of Randall, Karyn and Karalee as they share their favorite ways to use Wakelet outside of education!

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