Webinar (Seminar Online)

Dimutakhirkan 8 April 2020.



  • BioRender-ing 101: Make Professional Figure in Minutes, 8/4/2020



  1. What distance? Best practices with Glenn Cake, 31/3/2020 [sertifikat][YouTube]
  2. Distance Learning with Kahoot! and Microsoft, 27/3/2020 [YouTube]
  3. Kahoot! for distance learning, 18/3/2020 [YouTube]



  • Ethical Considerations in Scholarly Publishing—Best Practices to Promote Integrity, 8/4/2020



  • Mendeley Advisor Briefing, 24/2/2020 [sertifikat]



  • What is scholarly communication and publishing in the 21st Century?, 2/4/2020 [materi]



  • Disseminating Scientific Papers via Twitter: Practical Insights and Research Evidence, 1/2/2020 [YouTube]



  1. How to Become a Wakelet Pro-Surfer, 8/4/2020 [sertifikat]
  2. Wakelet for Beginner [sertifikat]

Center for Open Science

  1. How to Use OSF as an Electronic Lab Notebook, 24/10/2019 [YouTube]
  2. Registered Reports for editors and reviewers, 18/9/2019




Enago Academy

  1. Guide to Publishing in Top-Tier Medical Journals, 14/8/2019 [link]
  2. How to Survive Peer Review in Social Sciences and Humanities? 27/6/2019 [link]



  • How should Scholarly Societies transition to Open Access?, Jul, 23 2019 [link]


MOOC Science 2.0 and open research methods

  • Challenges and Benefits of Open Research, 24/6/2019



  1. June Mendeley Advisor Briefing, 1/7/2019 [sertifikat]
  2. Mendeley Advisor Briefing Q1 2019, 16/4/2019 [sertifikat]





  • H2020 policies on Open Access and Research Data, 12/6/2019 [material]


Clinical and Translational Science Institute

  • Digital strategies to find the right journal for publishing your research, 3/4/2019 [link]



  • Researcher Academy: An introduction to e-learning resources, 18/3/2019 [sertifikat]



  1. The future of big data: ethics, data management & governance, 14/3/2019 [sertifikat]
  2. What Makes Tableau Different?, 17/1/2019 [sertifikat]
  3. Excel & Tableau: How to transform your spreadsheets into powerful visualisations, 17/1/2019 [sertifikat]


  • How to Author a Review Article, 28/11/2018 [link]



  1. Open science: from empowering people to employing platforms, 21/11/2018 [sertifikat]
  2. Research Metrics and Your Career, 21/11/2018 [sertifikat]



  1. Mendeley as a Solution for Long-Distance Collaboration, 9/11/2018 [sertifikat]
  2. Mendeley Advisor Briefing, 9/11/2018 [sertifikat]



  • The Quizlet Teacher Unconference, 1-2/8/2018 [sertifikat]


Enago Academy

  1. How to Boost Citations (Tips for Researchers), 31/7/2018 [link]
  2. How to present research data, 18/7/2018 [link]
  3. Tips on Handling Journal Rejection (Converting a Failure into an Opportunity!), 27/6/2018 [link]
  4. How to Manage References (Tips on Inserting Citations & AvoidingPlagiarism), 13/6/2018 [link]
  5. How to Present at International Conferences (Tips on Presentation, Promotion, and Networking), 16/4/2018 [link]
  6. Identifying a Target Journal for Publication (Quick & Easy Tips for Researchers), 29/3/2018 [link]


Warung Sains dan Teknologi

  • Menjadi Jurnalis Profesional di Bidang Science Communication, 25/3/2018 [link][sertifikat]
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